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Things to Consider When You Shop for End Tables

When you're buying furniture for your living room, end tables should be on your shopping list. While this piece of furniture might be smaller than most other pieces of furniture in your home, there's no denying its value. Your local furniture store likely carries a number of different end tables, so you can have fun browsing the options to find as many as you need. As you assess your choices, there are a number of things that are important for you to consider.


While the surface area of an end table is something that should be on your mind, don't overlook the importance of checking the height of a table before you buy it. You should perform some measurements on the furniture around which you'll use your new end tables in advance before your shopping trip. An end table shouldn't be taller than the arm of the sofa against which it sits, but it shouldn't be significantly shorter, either. Ideally, you'll find end tables that are tall enough that they sit just under the arms of your sofa.

Storage Space

Some end tables have no storage space other than the tabletop, but there are other models that provide more space to store the items that you use in your living room. It's generally ideal to choose end tables that offer plenty of storage space. For example, some tables will have a drawer beneath the tabletop. You can store all sorts of things in this drawer, including TV remote controls, magazines, and a variety of small electronic devices. Other end tables offer more storage, with a hinged door and a couple of shelves behind the door. If you have a need to store larger items, this design will work well.


You should also think about the stability of the end tables that you buy. This is a piece of furniture that can sometimes get bumped — perhaps as a result of children running around the living room or even a large dog walking through this space. End tables that have four legs instead of three will typically have more stability. This is especially important when people put heavy objects such as lamps on top of their end tables. The addition of heavy objects makes end tables top-heavy, which makes their stability critical so that they don't topple over. Visit a local furniture store to look at its selection of end tables.