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Your Guide to Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into a wall or a cabinet. It can be pulled down when it is needed and then pushed back up when you are done with it. Murphy beds can be great for a lot of different uses. Here is a guide on Murphy beds

Basics of Murphy beds

Murphy beds can come in different sizes. Murphy beds can fold up into a wall as a permanent fixture in a room or they can fold up into a cabinet that can be moved around the room or to a different room if and when needed. A Murphy bed can go up into its storage space tall-wise or lengthwise. They can be stored with minimal bedding on them as well, and this means that you won't have to worry about remaking them every time you put them up and bring them back out. When a Murphy bed is put back into its storage, it will normally become hidden, so it won't even be obvious that there is a bed in the room. 

Some good uses for Murphy beds

A spare room — You may want to use the spare room in your home for different purposes. However, it can be difficult to use the spare room as both an office and a guest room because it will be difficult to fit your office furniture like the desk and chair in a room that also has bedroom furniture in it, like a dresser and a bed. However, when you have a Murphy bed in the room, you will be able to use the room as two different things at once. You can keep the bed up when using the room as an office. However, when you have someone staying over and you need the guest room, you can just push the chair under the desk and pull down the Murphy bed when your guest is ready for bed. 

An extra bed in limited space — If you don't have a room that you can use as a guest room, but you do occasionally have people stay over, then you will want to have a comfortable bed to offer them. However, since this isn't a bed you need to have out regularly and it isn't even one that you really have the space for, a Murphy bed will work great. It gives you that extra bed when you need it, but you can put it up and forget about it when you don't need it and it won't be taking anything from the available square footage in your home. 

A second bed in your child's room — If your child likes to have sleepovers with their friend on occasion, then you can have a Murphy bed put in their room that allows them to have their friend stay with them in their bedroom. However, when they don't have someone staying the night, then the bed can be put up so they will have more room for playing and it will be easier for them to keep their room picked up and tidy.