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4 Top Sectional Couch Configuration

If you are thinking about adding a sectional couch to your home, you need to consider what type of configuration would work best with your space. When to comes to sectional couches, they offer a high range of versatility. However, the shape of the couch that will work best in your room will depend upon the space you have to work with and your styling needs.


One of the most classic options with a sectional is the L-shaped couch. The L-shaped sectional essentially looks like two sofas that were merged together at a 90-degree angle. With an L-shaped sectional, usually, there are three cushions on one side and two on the other side, creating a slightly longer and shorter side. However, you can find different L-shaped configurations with different seating capacities, such as two seats on each side or four seats and two seats.

L-shaped sectionals work well when they are pushed against a wall and flow with the L-shape of the room. L-shaped sectionals can also work really well pulled into the middle of a large room. Finally, they can float well in an open space and really help define the space.

U-Shaped Sectional

A U-shaped sectional is the classic oversized sectional. It really only works in a big space where you only want to use the couch for your seating. With a U-shaped sectional, you get two corners and three sides where people can sit lying down or just lounge on the couch. With a U-shaped sectional, you can face the people on the other side of the couch. It can be great for a large rec room type of space. Depending on the configuration, you can often easily fit eight or more people on a U-shaped sectional.

Chaise Sectional

A configuration that has become more popular in recent years is the Chaise sectional. A chaise sectional allows for the use of a sectional couch in a smaller space. With a chaise, you essentially have what looks like a regular couch, but on either the left or right side you have a seat that extends outwards and provides one additional cushion where you can put your feet up. There are usually two regular seats and one chaise seat with this type of sectional, although you can find some with more regular seats. This type of sectional allows for a classic sofa look with a little relaxation built-in.

Curved Sectional

If you want a sectional that opens up your space, you will want to go with a curved sectional. With this type of sectional, you have lots of seating options and no awkward corner seats. This allows for maximum seating and can help facilitate conversation and hanging out. This type of configuration works well in a large open space.

When it comes to sectional couches, there are lots of different configurations, so you will want to figure out what kind of seating situation you like and then find a couch that fits your needs. For more information about the different types of sectional couches, contact a local furniture store near you.