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5 Benefits Of A Standing Desk

An upgrade to a standing desk can provide many benefits that will spill over from your working life and into your off time. The following are just a few highlights of the top benefits that you can enjoy.

1. Increase Your Energy

Sitting all day can lead to decreased energy levels and fatigue, simply because the body isn't made to sit for hours on end. Getting up on your feet every once in a while can lead to energy and mood spikes as you move and stretch your muscles. It's much easier to maintain better posture when standing, as well, which can also help you feel more energized.

2. Minimize Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint of those that must sit at a desk all day. The body tends to slump forward when sitting, with the shoulders rolled in and the head jutted forward. This leads to pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Lack of lumbar support in an office chair can also lead to lower back pain. Standing for at least part of your work day improves your posture and reduces the chances of chronic back complaints. 

3. Improve Your Health

There are many overall health improvements that a standing desk can provide. Sitting around all day is a known link to weight gain, heart disease, and higher blood pressure. Standing involves small movements and engages more muscles than simply sitting, which can help alleviate these risks and provide an overall boost to your health and fitness level. You don't even need to stand at the desk all day, even an hour or so of use can provide benefits. 

4. Reduce Your Stress

Stress is often seen as a normal part of the work day. Part of the reason why stress can be an issue at work is bad posture habits that are exacerbated by sitting all day. Hunching over a keyboard leads to pain in neck and jaw, which can lead to low grade headaches and a stressed feeling. Standing up can literally clear your head and help relieve stress.

5. Enjoy Better Productivity

A standing desk may very well increase your productivity and creativity on the job. People tend to concentrate more easily when standing, as it is easier to focus only on the task at hand when on your feet. Increased blood flow also occurs when one is in a standing position, which will in turn increase focus and productivity. 

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