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Have A Bed Skirt? Want A Modern Alternative?

A bed skirt is a common bedroom decoration, meant to enhance the look of the bed by discreetly hiding everything underneath. If you need a bed skirt alternative so you can hide the boxes and other items stashed in the space under your bed, then you'll find some great ideas here. You'll learn what a bed skirt alternative is and some good reasons to invest in one.

What is a bed skirt alternative? 

Simply put, a bed skirt alternative is a type of bed skirt that differs from the one you traditionally find on beds. A classic bed skirt is a ruffled piece of material that stretches around the base of a mattress to provide a curtain-style coverage of what lies beneath the bed.

A bed skirt substitute can cover the underside of a bed or simply be placed around the edges of the mattress itself to create a smoother, more even appeal after a sheet is put on. You can use either kind of bed skirt alternative as you see fit to complete the look of your bedroom and give your bed a modern, more attractive appeal.

What bed skirt alternative is right for you?

The right bed skirt substitute for you is dependent upon what your goal is for skirting your bed in the first place. If it's simply to replace a current bed skirt, then you'll want to go with something that has a more modern material, like faux leather or another type of material. If you want to give the mattress itself a boost, then invest in an elastic, stretchy bed skirt alternative that will tightly hug the mattress's edges for a crisp and modern touch.

If you want to make a solid space around your bed to keep pets out and protect items underneath your bed—and to add privacy for your stored items—then choose a bed skirt alternative made of solid planks or panels that can connect around your bed. Or, simply choose a material that is more durable in construction so it's not see-through and creates more of a barrier.

The size of your bed frame and mattress will determine what size bed skirt alternative you need for your bed. For example, if your bed is a queen, then invest in a bed skirt alternative that fits a full to queen-size, or a queen solidly alone. This way, you get the ideal fit for your bed and don't have any pulling or sagging in your bed skirt alternative.