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How To Accessorize Your New Double Throne Chairs

If you see some double throne chairs for sale, you'd be wise to buy them. These unique chairs offer a lot of value and can be a great addition to your home. To make these chairs extra-special in your home, you should know how to accessorize them well.

Double throne chairs are classic in design and use, so they can add a vintage style to any room of the house you want to look grander. However, since these chairs are accent pieces on their own, accessorizing them can prove to be a challenge. Here are ways you can make owning double throne chairs much easier and how accessorizing them so they match your home's decor better can be made easier as well.

Use textured pillows

Adding textured pillows to your double throne chairs helps enhance the appeal of your throne chairs without taking away from their natural ambiance. After all, colorful or detailed pillows for decoration may clash with the patterns and designs of double throne chairs you buy, so make sure you choose otherwise plain decorative pillows with just texture being their focal point.

Use chunky throws

Chunk throws help offset the more antique style of your double throne chairs and makes them more comfortable and modern in design. This is a great way to make any double throne chairs more inviting in your home, especially in rooms where people will sit in them frequently, like the living room, family room, and other rooms where you gather.

Use modern accents

Perhaps the best way to accessorize double throne chairs is to make sure the rest of the accents in the room are more modern than vintage in style. This way, you offset the classic appeal of the double throne chairs you buy and don't make their vintage style the main focus of the room. Depending on the size and style of your double throne chairs in the first place, they're going to stand out a lot on their own anyway.

Adding unique touches to the room, like modern coffee table books, wall hangings, mirrors, and other accents in the room can add to what the chairs will bring to your space rather than take away from it. If you want your rooms to still have a matching appeal, then make sure the accents you add to the space are similar in color, texture, or pattern to the double throne chairs you have. This way, every piece in the room complements others in the same space.

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