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Three Storage Bed Options

If you're looking for a way to create more storage space in your bedroom, the answer can often come in the form of the right type of bed. When you shop for a new bed at a local furniture store, look for one that has built-in storage. Storage beds are available in several styles, making it easy to fit them to a bedroom that is rustic, modern, or something in between. One thing that you'll quickly notice when you browse an array of storage beds is that they come in several different designs. Here are three choices that are popular.


When you look at a selection of storage beds, you'll commonly see lift-up beds. This type of bed is designed so that you can easily lift the mattress the support frame beneath it, revealing a large amount of open storage space below. Lift-up storage beds are handy for storing things that are large and might not fit properly in your dresser or closet. You might use this space for boxes of family mementos, spare linens, and other similar items that you don't need daily but that you want to be able to easily access when necessary.


You'll see a lot of storage beds that have multiple drawers built into their frame. These drawers will be positioned along the length of each side of the bed, sliding in and out with ease. Larger beds will have more drawers, and you may find that a king-sized bed gives you as many drawers as some dressers. If you're the type of person who has a lot of clothing, shoes, and accessories, you'll enjoy having the additional storage space that a bed with built-in drawers can offer. A big advantage of this design is that you can access the storage space even when your partner remains in bed, unlike a lift-up bed.


Another type of storage bed that you'll see at your furniture store is one in which the headboard has built-in storage space. In many beds, the headboard is little more than a comfortable surface on which to rest your head when you're reading or watching TV. A bed with headboard storage has a headboard that features several shelves and even small drawers, giving you numerous options for storing small items. For example, you might keep some jewelry or a collection of watches in one of the small drawers. Learn more about storage beds at a furniture store.

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