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Why You Should Always Get Your Persian Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Persian rugs are often the centerpiece of your main rooms, with many people taking quite a lot of pride in these beautiful antiques that have survived for many years while still preserving the intricate designs and craftsmanship. With all that history and delicate work that has gone into these rugs in mind, it seems a little odd that so many people clean their Persian rugs by themselves, with little to no experience in this practice. Here are a few reasons why you should never try a Persian rug cleaning by yourself and why the experts are the only ones you should trust in this process.

Damaging The Fibers

Persian rugs are not like other fabrics and materials that can withstand tough chemicals and cleaners, they require a much more delicate process to ensure that the fibers hold up in the future. While you may be able to clean your rug with these more toxic cleaners right now, you will pay for it down the line. Persian rug cleaning companies pay attention to what each individual rug is made out of and how old it is, then tailor their cleaning process to the rug so that it does not decay after the cleaning is finished.

Preserving The Color

Getting all the dirt and assorted random bits and pieces of debris out of your Persian rug without also lifting out some of the pigment is a tricky process, and is one that you should only attempt if you have a lot of knowledge in this area. There is a whole industry built around Persian rugs, so it makes sense that you should trust someone who is more intimately familiar with the special practices that are required to keep your rug looking vibrant. Sometimes this involves no cleaning agents at all, other times it is best to use them very carefully and delicately. Only someone with a good depth of knowledge on Persian rugs as a whole should attempt to do this.

Taking It Out Of Storage

The first time you take your Persian rug out of storage you should always have it inspected by a cleaning agency because most of the time they also can provide minor repairs. Storage can take its toll on Persian rugs and so you want to treat them very delicately before you get an analysis on whether or not they need any special treatments to be used as they were intended. The older, more intricately designed the rug, the more important treating it carefully after it is removed from storage becomes.