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Maximize Functionality In A Small Apartment With Strategic Furniture Shopping

Living in a small apartment does not mean that you have to sacrifice functionality. While people in a large apartment can get ample functionality by buying lots of furniture, you will need to get creative and strategic in your furniture shopping. Fortunately, focusing on certain furniture pieces with specific features and qualities will help you maximize functionality in a small rental.

Entertainment Center

A typical TV stand may provide you with some storage and a place to put your television. You can get more functionality by getting an entertainment center instead. While looking at entertainment centers, you want to prioritize those surrounding the entire television.

This furniture piece will give you storage on the sides and above the television. Then, all you need to do is figure out whether you want cabinets or open shelves. You can even decide on glass or solid cabinet doors depending on if you want a display case or concealed storage.

Pantry Cabinet

While someone who eats out often may not want a lot of kitchen storage and workspace, you may enjoy cooking enough that you want more storage than your apartment provides. An easy solution is to buy a pantry cabinet that you can put along the wall or in an empty corner.

Ideally, you want to get the tallest one that you can find to maximize storage capacity. You can then use a wall-mounted bracket to secure the cabinet to the wall to keep it from tipping over.

Coffee Table

While an entertainment center, couch, and television are living room essentials, you will find that a coffee table can provide great functionality. Instead of picking a standard coffee table, you can get one with a lift-top or a multi-layer one that provides you with usage flexibility.

A lift-top one is perfect for when you want to eat, drink, read, or work on the couch because you can pull the tabletop up to your level while sitting down. A multi-layer one is useful because you can use the bottom layer for storing books, magazines, board games, and blankets.


Fitting a sectional sofa in a small apartment may prove challenging. However, you can pick up an ottoman to rest your feet and lie down while on a regular couch. An easy way to get more usage from this piece is by demanding a storage compartment inside.

Storing things inside will add more weight to the ottoman and make it a more stable surface. Then, you can set a tray on top any time you want more hard surface space.

Using these furniture shopping tips will help you maximize functionality in a small apartment. Visit a local furniture shop for more ideas.