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Investing In A Travel Safe? Consider These Points

If you're a firm believer in protecting your valuables, you may use one or more safes in your home. For example, a lot of people use one safe to hold things such as jewelry and cash and another safe to hold any firearms they own. For someone who travels, it can also make sense to buy a travel safe. Instead of hoping that your hotel has a safe that you can use during your stay, buying a travel safe will keep your valuables secure when you're in your hotel and elsewhere during the day or night. When you shop for a travel safe, here are some points to consider.

Size And Weight

Travel safes come in many different sizes and have different weights. As you begin to shop, it's useful to think about what items you plan to keep secure with this device during travel. Knowing this information will help you to buy the right size of safe, as there's little reason to carry a safe that is significantly larger than the items you need to keep secure in it. Take note of the weight of different travel safes, too. While a heavier safe may be suitable if you primarily plan to leave it in your hotel, you'll likely want a lighter product if you plan to carry it in your backpack.


When you look at a variety of travel safes, you'll see that they have all sorts of different appearances. Some look like a scaled-down version of a conventional home safe, while others look more like a piece of luggage. Some travelers favor choosing a travel safe that belongs to the latter category. If you're going to be carrying this device in a crowded area, you may feel better about having a safe that looks like luggage than one that looks like a traditional safe. This will prevent it from standing out and perhaps attracting attention from unscrupulous individuals.

Carrying Ease

Some travel safes are easier to carry than others. If you envision yourself carrying the safe for long distances, you'll want to choose a device that is easy to carry. For example, you'll find some travel safes that have straps that you can put over your shoulder. Being able to carry your travel safe over your shoulder — particularly if the safe itself is heavy or if you have some heavy items in it — will make it easier to travel with.

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