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Boredom Breaker: All It Takes Is One Upholstered Piece Of Furniture To Refresh Any Room In Your Home

Are you tired of your home décor but do not want to take on a major decorating or remodeling project? Perhaps you like your interior design style but simply want to dress it up a little bit for something different. In either case, all you need to do is upholster one piece of furniture to refresh any room in your home.

Kitchen and dining room refresh

If your dining room or kitchen table came with upholstered chairs, they can get pretty drab after repeated use. Having them upholstered in a new fabric is an easy way to give the room a remodeled look without the hassle. If the chairs are in good shape, you may simply wish to have just one of the chairs upholstered to add a pop of color to the room.

Living room refresh

The living room is the perfect place to take advantage of upholstered furniture. Choose a sofa or a chair that is still in good repair but looks a little dreary to makeover with a new fabric and watch your living room come to life. Experiment with a geometric or floral fabric to create interest in a neutral living room or use a neutral fabric to create a calming contrast in a room furnished with bold printed fabrics.  

Bedroom refresh

All you need is a fabric-covered bench or accent chair to breathe new life into a boring bedroom. Upholster the cushioned seat of an accent bench or chair in a soft floral fabric to create a romantic look. Choose a seafoam green or peachy pink fabric to create a cottage look or a leaf or animal print for a rustic bedroom look. 

Home office refresh

Nobody wants to work in a boring office, and you do not have to when you get creative with upholstery fabrics. Give your office desk chair an updated look by choosing fabrics with an energetic appeal. Energizing colors include green, which is associated with newness and wellness, and red, yellow, and orange which are cheerful and happy.

Having just one piece of furniture upholstered can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. Since you are only working with one piece of furniture, such as a chair, sofa, or bench, you can choose fabrics in bold prints and colors that may otherwise be overpowering if used throughout a room. With all the fun fabrics available to choose from, you are sure to find one that will break the boredom in any room.  

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