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Reasons To Give Your Child A Slightly Larger Mattress

In many homes, it's common for children to have twin-sized mattresses. This small mattress size has numerous advantages, including the fact that it doesn't take up too much space in a child's bedroom. If you have a child for whom you're mattress shopping, you may wish to think about buying them a larger mattress than a twin. A full mattress is a good option, as it's significantly wider than a twin mattress. Here are three reasons that it's a smart idea to buy a larger mattress for your child.

Easy Movement

While some kids lie down in one position and remain mostly stationary throughout the night, others toss and turn frequently. A child who tosses and turns while sleeping or while attempting to get to sleep may find a twin-sized mattress too small. For example, if the bed is positioned beside a wall, the child may occasionally bump into the wall while moving around. Such an impact could wake them up, and the noise could maybe even wake up other family members. A larger mattress such as a full would allow your child to move freely during the night.

Ideal For The Future

If you buy a twin-sized mattress for your child now, you can expect that they'll be able to use it for a few years. Before long, however, you'll likely find yourself mattress shopping again because your growing child needs a larger mattress. It can make sense to buy a larger mattress now and know that it will suit your child until they move out of your home. This will not only be more affordable than buying two separate mattresses just a few years apart, but it will also save you time.

Room For Toys

A lot of children keep all sorts of stuffed animals and other soft toys on their beds. With a small bed, it's often necessary for kids to place these items on the floor overnight with the expectation that they'll clean up each morning. Morning cleanup won't always happen, however, which can result in your child's room being messier than you'd like. When you have a larger mattress for your child, they'll have room to leave their stuffed animals and other toys on the bed while they sleep. Not only will younger kids enjoy this idea, but it should prevent excess messes in their room. Learn more about optimal mattress sizes for your child by visiting a mattress store.