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Bedroom Furniture Set Styles

Whether you're moving into a new home or just want to update the one you currently live in with new decor and furniture, consider purchasing new bedroom furniture sets. The sets can go a long way in making children's bedrooms, master bedrooms, and guest rooms feel up-to-date and fresh.

No matter what your personal home decor style is, you'll have no problem finding a bedroom furniture set to fit your needs. From modern to traditional and everything in between, there are many different designs on the market. You'll also be able to find a set to match your redecorating budget as you can mix and match pieces to create your ideal combination in the right price point. 

When it comes to where to purchase the bedroom set, you'll also have plenty of options. Consider buying it from a reputable local furniture retailer known for selling pieces with quality craftsmanship. Other places to look include online, antique and thrift stores, and estate sales. Although you may need to make a bigger investment in higher-end sets, they'll typically last longer, saving you money in the end. 

Here are some bedroom furniture set styles to consider.

1. Wicker 

If you want to give a bedroom a charming beach house style, a white wicker set may be the perfect match. Typically made of rattan that is painted white for a clean, fresh look, wicker furniture will infuse any room with a casual appearance. Since white is a neutral color, it will coordinate with any other type of furniture piece, or wall color, that you have. 

To give the wicker furniture set a pop of color, such as a matching headboard, dresser, night stand and love seat combination, choose vibrant textiles. As one idea, place a comforter featuring an underwater scene on the bed, and place throw pillows featuring seashell or tropical fish patterns on the chair. 

2. Dark Wood 

For a timeless, sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with a bedroom furniture set constructed of a dark wood, such as mahogany or cherry. The sets look especially rich when set against neutral-hued walls, and complimenting with classic textiles, such as lace curtains. 

To give the bedroom a personalized touch, pick a headboard featuring ornate carvings, such as a floral design. Gold hardware, such as drawer pulls, will add to the ornate appearance of the bedroom set. Other luxurious details, such as a fluffy white faux fur rug or a down comforter, will complete the look. Look into bedroom furniture near you for more information.