Glass And Plastic Chair Mats: Choose Carefully

Chair mats can shave a large impact on your desk experience. Having a chair mat is great when you have the right one. Get the wrong one, however, and you end up wishing you never had one in the first place. Most mats are made from either tempered glass or a plastic (or vinyl) material, and what you get depends on a few issues. You'll want the correct type for the flooring you have, and the edges play a role in your comfort with using the mat, too. [Read More]

Bedroom Furniture Set Styles

Whether you're moving into a new home or just want to update the one you currently live in with new decor and furniture, consider purchasing new bedroom furniture sets. The sets can go a long way in making children's bedrooms, master bedrooms, and guest rooms feel up-to-date and fresh. No matter what your personal home decor style is, you'll have no problem finding a bedroom furniture set to fit your needs. [Read More]

Reasons To Give Your Child A Slightly Larger Mattress

In many homes, it's common for children to have twin-sized mattresses. This small mattress size has numerous advantages, including the fact that it doesn't take up too much space in a child's bedroom. If you have a child for whom you're mattress shopping, you may wish to think about buying them a larger mattress than a twin. A full mattress is a good option, as it's significantly wider than a twin mattress. [Read More]

Boredom Breaker: All It Takes Is One Upholstered Piece Of Furniture To Refresh Any Room In Your Home

Are you tired of your home d├ęcor but do not want to take on a major decorating or remodeling project? Perhaps you like your interior design style but simply want to dress it up a little bit for something different. In either case, all you need to do is upholster one piece of furniture to refresh any room in your home. Kitchen and dining room refresh If your dining room or kitchen table came with upholstered chairs, they can get pretty drab after repeated use. [Read More]